Friday, May 24, 2013

What Maisie Knew

 What Maisie Knew is an excellent film shown recently as part of the Gathr film series at The Maple in Bloomfield Twp. This film is exceptionally done and stars Julianne Moore and other actors that make this an emotional powerhouse movie. While I am not here to give away major plot points, Maisie (the child played by Onata Aprile) shows a child trying to deal emotionally with parents who have split up and use Maisie as a wedge to get back at each other. The movie spirals and Maisie is left with two people who provide her the emotional stability to deal with her very confusing life. If you have ever dealt with abusive parents during divorce who get back at the other and are too much of an emotional mess, this movie will have points ring home throughout the movie. The website and trailers are at the links below. To find out more about Gathr films, click the icon to the right. The movie show each Tuesday at The Maple through June.